Fuel System
Sending Unit
Line and Tank Replacement
Injector, Plenum, Cylinder De-carbonization
Fuel Pressure Analysis
Injector Pulse Analysis
Fuel Pump, injector, Filter Replacement
Chemical Fuel System Service
Fuel System Flush

Oil Change
Oil & Filter (Full Range of Lubricants)
Chassis Lube

Preventative Maintenance
30K/60K/90K Mile Factory Service
Transmission Service
Cabin & Engine Air Filter
Wiper Blades
Washer Fluid
Battery Service
Axle & Differential Fluid Service
Brake Fluid Service
Power Steering Service

Radiator Fluid Service
Radiator Flush

Vibration Problems
Suspension Fabrication
Lifetime Suspension Parts Available
Chassis Parts (ball joints, steering linkage, bushings, links, tie rod ends)
Struts / Shocks
Hunter Alignment System
Drive Axles, CV Boots & U-Joints
Steering Racks
Control Arms
Tie Rod Ends
Wheel Hub Bearings
2 & 4-Wheel Alignment
Noise, Ride, Vibration Problems

New Tires
Flat Repair
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balancing
Tire Rotations
TPMS Service (tire pressue monitoring system)
Buff & Seal Wheels​

Remanufactured Service
Manual or Auto Clutches
Slipping and Grinding
Transmission Fluid Service

Miscellaneous Services
Serpentine Belts/Tensioner
Bulb Replacement



The performance of the engine, alternator, and secondary electrical systems depend on the battery.

This service includes replacement and proper disposal of existing batteries, and removal of corrosion from battery cable terminals. This will help your battery provide dependable starting power, along with the power to run the interior and exterior lighting, power seats, windows and radio.

Belts & Hoses
Avoid breaking down in your vehicle by maintaining its belts and hoses.

This service includes replacing worn belts and hoses, and adjusting the fit of installed components. It is a good idea to check the condition of your vehicle’s belts and hoses with every oil change. Replacing belts and hoses will help avoid unexpected breakdowns, and serious engine damage due to overheating. 

Brake Systems Repair

Feel confident in your vehicle’s stopping power with regular brake checks.

This service includes replacement of worn brake pads and brake shoes, resurfacing brake rotors or drums, and replacing brake fluid as needed. It’s important to have your brakes checked at least once a year to keep them responsive, and avoid costly replacements.

Drivelines are responsible for the speed of your vehicle, so it’s important to keep them in good working order.

This service includes measuring and refilling the transmission fluid, inspecting the CV and universal joints for loss of lubricant or excessive movement, and checking for noises or vibration during acceleration.

Electrical Systems
To facilitate even energy distribution so your vehicle’s battery is properly charged, regularly check your electrical systems.

This service provides a thorough check of the car battery and case condition, the cable connections, and the vehicle’s charging system. 
Engine Diagnostics
Keep your ignition, fuel, and emission control systems doing what they should by maintaining your engine diagnostics.

To thoroughly check your engine diagnostics a certified technician transmits information from your vehicle’s computer into a diagnostic tool. This diagnostic tool provides the technician with the necessary information to properly diagnose why your vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated.

Fluid Exchange Services
A vehicle’s fluids must be maintained for it to run properly.

For this service, fluids are filled to the proper level, and are checked for cleanliness and leaks. This helps the engine and vehicle operate properly. 

Heating & Coolant Systems
Keep your engine, radiator and yourself at a comfortable temperature.

This service includes the removal and replacement of engine coolant using state of art equipment. Properly maintaining these systems helps the engine operate at an optimal temperature to extend the efficiency of your radiator and cooling system components, and avoid expensive replacements. 

Air Conditioning
Maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your vehicle.

In this service, the air conditioning system is checked for refrigerant leaks and the interior cabin temperature is evaluated. This helps provide a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle, and reduces the risk of premature compressor failure. 

Oil, Lube & Filter Services
Drive smoothly by maintaining your vehicle’s oil.

In these services, oil filters are changed, air filters are checked, all fluids under the hood are checked and filled, fittings are lubricated, and the engine is checked for leaks, among other things. 

Mufflers & Exhaust
Failing an emissions test is usually the fault of either the muffler or the exhaust system.

This service replaces exhaust components that are broken, missing, or not performing their intended function. Properly maintaining these systems helps minimize engine noise, protects you and others from harmful gases, and reduces pollutants released into the atmosphere. 

Steering & Suspension Systems
Experience a smooth, controlled ride with a properly functioning suspension system.

This service replaces worn, damaged or missing steering or suspension parts that are not performing as intended. Properly maintaining your vehicle’s suspension helps restore ride comfort and handling performance. It can also save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating premature tire wear. 

Help your vehicle last longer by scheduling regular tune ups.

A tune up replaces faulty components, and uses computerized diagnostic equipment to evaluate vital electronic engine components, like oxygen sensors and the control module. ​


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Air Conditioning
Complete AC Testing & Repair
Leak Testing & Diagnostics
AC Recharge

Anti-Lock Diagnostics
Hose & Line Replacement
Fluid Exchange
Hydraulic Problems (ABS, wheel cylinders)
Power Booster
Emergency Brake
Rear Drums & Shoes
Diagnosis & Repair
Chemical Brake Fluid Service
Lifetime Brake Pads & Shoes Available
Complete Pad/Lining/Rotor Replacements

Coolant System Services
Coolant Leaks
Radiator, Trans Cooler & heater Core
Factory Coolant Service
Hoses & Belts
Fan Clutch
Electric Fan
Water Pump

Electrical Service
Power Accessories
Heater & AC Controls
Electrical Wiring
Warning Lights
Battery & Cables
Window Regulators
Door Locks
Cruise Control
Starter & Alternator
Electrical Diagnostic and Repair

Engine Service
No Start
Remove & Replace Head Gasket
Intake Manifold and Gasket Replacement
Oil Leaks
Check Engine Light
Poor / Erratic Performance
Major/Minor Tune-Up
Timing Belt
Fuel System Testing
Engine Rebuild/Remanufactured
Remove & Replace

Exhaust Pipes
Tail Pipes
Crossover Pipes
Clamps & Hangers
Exhaust Manifolds
Catalytic Converters
Gasket Replacement
Diagnosis and Repair

​Fluid Service
Brake System Flush
Power Steering Fluid Flush
Transmission Fluid Flush
Coolant System Flush
Front Differential
Rear Differential
Transfer Case